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Pay what you can*


I am committed to supporting pregnant women through the current global health crisis which is why I am offering the 'pay what you can' sliding scale for Birthgently SOS sessions throughout April/May/June 2020


Suitable for:

You can use these sessions for help with any pregnancy related issue. If you are feeling anxious, scared or you have a specific issues such as breech presentation, post-term

dates, distressing physical symptoms,

preparing for a gentle c-section,

medical interventions


75-minute 1:1 online session and the Birthgently Pregnancy Relaxation MP3 audio collection PLUS Introductory Hypnobirthing PDF guide.



Or pay what you can £49/£69/£99

*valid until 30th June 2020


Sessions are offered via Zoom an online video conferencing. Zoom is easy to set up on a laptop, mobile or desk top computer. Easy to follow instructions will be sent with your confirmation.




Online 1:1 Sessions

Therapeutic hypnobirthing  is a safe, gentle and natural way to help with a wide range of issues throughout your pregnancy and post-nataly. If you are suffering with anxiety, looking for a natural alternative approach to breech presentation, want to avoid an induction for post term dates or struggling with your emotions then a Birthgently SOS session is exactly what you have been looking for..

Therapeutic hypnobirthing - safe, gentle and effective help throughout your  pregnancy.

Help to resolve:

  • Pregnancy related fear, phobia

  • Birth related fear, phobia

  • Anxiety

  • Post term pregnancy (seeking an alternative to induction)

  • Breech presentation

  • Preparing for a gentle c-section, or other medical intervention

  • Pregnancy sickness and nausea

  • Any physically distressing symptoms

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (or symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, sleep difficulties, anxiety and low mood) following child-birth

  • Postnatal depression and the “baby blues”

  • Miscarriage and still birth

  • Early trauma memories (flashbacks and nightmares) triggered by child-birth (including childhood abuse)



Suitable for:

Birth trauma, PTSD, depression, postnatal depression, anxiety, fear, phobia, miscarriage, stillbirth, early trauma memories including childhood abuse, sexual assault and rape


20-minute telephone consultation and 3 x 75-minute one-to-one sessions 



or pay what you can £150/£225/£300


Currently only available online

New Street, Salisbury


Not Just Backs, Tisbury




Birth Trauma, PTSD, postnatal depression, anxiety, anger, stress - healing with psychodynamic hypnotherapy

Psychodynamic hypnotherapy can successfully resolve and alleviate a wide range of issues including post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. The key to it's effectiveness is the use of hypnotherapy to access the limbic system, the part of your mind where unresolved memories, emotions and feelings are stored.  It enables you to thoroughly investigate and achieve freedom from your innermost conflict, trauma and distress. It allows you to go far beyond simply managing symptoms to real long-lasting change.


Each session is unique because your mind is unique and we use an eclectic mix of approaches including the rewind technique, EMDR, Gold Counselling to ensure you get the treatment that is best suited to you.  We use trauma informed, gentle, safe and natural hypnotherapy  and psychotherapy techniques to get the places that maybe other therapies or medication have not been able to reach. I am very experienced in working with clients who have experienced trauma and have undergone in-depth training up to masters level. 


As well as unique, your mind is incredibly clever. It works hard to protect you and when you give it the right opportunity, it can heal trauma, hurts, help you get over what stops you moving forward and find ingenious answers to your problems. All of this in a safe and gentle way. We are simply utilising the innate healing mechanism of your mind and the results can be, quite literally, life changing.

What is psychodynamic hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis or the hypnotic state, as it is sometimes referred to, is a naturally occurring phenomena of the mind. If you have ever caught yourself day dreaming or realised you have been staring into space, deeply absorbed in your own thoughts then you have already experienced a hypnotic trance. It is something that people of all ages do instinctively on a daily basis. Hypnotherapy simply uses this naturally occurring relaxed state of mind to gently and effectively communicate to the subconscious or inner mind, and bring about a positive change. The mind is a powerful resource and has a significant affect upon both our physical and emotional state. Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind to help overcome unwanted thoughts, behaviours or physical responses. I will help you to go into a hypnotic state by using a variety of relaxation and visualisation techniques. Hypnosis only works with the active and willing participation of the person. You remain completely in control and aware of where you are and what you are doing at all times during a session.

Visit here to discover more about Kirsty's unique therapeutic approach

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