Who is the Birthgently hypnobirthing course suitable for?


The Birthgently hypnobirthing course is for anyone who wants a calmer, gentler, safer birth experience. Every pregnancy and birth is unique but hypnobirthing can help you and your birth partner to feel more confident and empowered about your birth experience. Birthgently hypnobirthing is suitable for everyone whether you are a first-time mum or already have children. Hypnobirthing can help you and your birth partner to alleviate any fears, anxiety or apprehensions either of you may have about pregnancy, labour and birth. 

If you feel you may need more support to help deal with any deeply-held fears, memories or other psychological issues that could interfere with your birthing please speak to Kirsty about individual sessions. Kirsty is a qualified hypno-psychotherapist and specialises in helping people resolve past trauma as well as anxiety, fears and phobias.


Birth is dynamic, complex and unique - it is what makes it such an amazing and life changing experience but it also means that there are never any guarantees of a 'perfect birth'. However, using hypnobirthing techniques will help you to create the best circumstances for having the birth you want and can make a real difference to the birth you actually have.



When should you attend the course?


The Birthgently hypnobirthing course can be attended between 20 - 34 weeks of pregnancy as this allows plenty of time to absorb and practice the techniques. If you are more than 34 weeks you will still benefit because simply attending the course will have an immediate and positive effect on how you and your partner feel about labour and birth.



Birth partners


The role of the birth partner is an important part of the Birthgently approach but the course is designed for you to attend alone or together. All of the information you need i in your course manual including a complete guide to home practice. Your birth partner may be your partner or it may be, for example, a parent, a sibling or a friend. The most important thing is that it is someone you trust, feel fully supported by and who will practice the techniques with you.



Home practice


To gain the maximum benefit from the course it is important for you and if possible your birth partner to regularly practice the various hypnobirthing techniques. The course includes a clear and easy to follow guide to home practice. As well as preparing you and your partner for the birth itself, the exercises are a fantastic way to enhance you and your baby's health during pregnancy. Research has demonstrated that relaxation during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and baby. Practising the techniques regularly also helps to further strengthen the bond between you, baby and your birth partner.




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