Hello my name is Kirsty and I am the founder of Birthgently. Our aim is to offer you an intelligent, heart-felt and individual approach to support you on your unique birth journey and beyond.


At Birthgently we believe that everything you need to birth and parent your baby calmly, gently and safely is already within you. Birthgently is about discovering  just how powerful,  amazing and unique you really are. It's so much more than simply learning tools and techniques. It's about learning how to access your own inner resources and gain the confidence and belief in yourself that you can absolutely birth and parent your baby in whatever way is right you.




We offer private HYPNOBIRTHING courses, teaching you and your birth partner techniques for a calm, gentle, positive birth experience. The course offers you an opportunity to spend time together focusing on your baby and their birth.


As an experienced analytical hypnotherapist, I offer expert ONE TO ONE THERAPY sessions providing help with breech presentation, gentle caesarean, post-term pregnancy and support with birth trauma, miscarriage, anxiety, PTSD, postnatal depression, sexual abuse and assault.


Birthgently provides one-day private Hypnobirthing Courses, Hypnobirthing Taster Sessions, Hypnobirthing Therapy for pregnancy, birth and postnatal issues 



Based in Salisbury we cover the North Dorset and South Wilts area with clinics in Tisbury and Salisbury.

Try our FREE online hypnobirthing session and discover how it can help you feel confident and enjoy a calmer, gentler birth experience. Includes simple yet powerful breathing & relaxation techniques which you can use during your pregnancy, labour & birth. This session is suitable for all women and  their birth partners. Enjoy!

Warm wishes

Kirsty x

"It is said that women in labour leave their bodies, travel to the stars, collect the souls of their babies and return to this world together. " 




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